Schools and STEM

Global Wind Day:

Our outreach activities include an annual participation in Global Wind Day on the 15th of June each year. This is a global event where wind energy facilities all over the world open their doors to the general public.  If you would like to attend, drop us a line at

Wind Energy activities for Schools

We facilitate school visits to our large wind turbine on campus.  If you would like a visit to the turbine, please let us know by emailing us at and we’ll fit you in.

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Other activities include teacher training courses for primary and secondary teachers about which more can be found at and you can also buy wind energy kits for the classroom

basic kit

Bioenergy activities

Through the BioMara project, a comprehensive series of teaching materials were developed around the area of marine plants and microalgae.  For anyone interested in accessing these materials, they can be found on the BioMara Schools Website, or contact Paul MacArtain for a few remaining hard copy folders

biomara cover