Solar Energy research

Solar Energy Research

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Teaching facility with a PV array

A monitoring/data logging facility was developed for use with a small PV array. This can be used to demonstrate the performance of the array under a variety of external conditions.


Energy use in buildings/use of CAD

A project using a particular CAD program has been completed. This examined the thermal and energy performance of an industrial building to determine the effects of modifying the ventilation system including the use of solar air pre-heaters.  A lower flowrate still allowed adequate IAQ (indoor air quality) within occupied areas. Significant amounts of waste heat were available via air compressors and this could be recycled to reduce fuel (gas) consumption.


Use of PCM (phase change material) with PV panels

PV panels output can be adversely effected by higher temperatures. Commonly natural ventilation is used to remove heat. A PCM was used to absorb heat from the panel to reduce its operating temperatures and the PV output was compared to that using heat exchangers coupled to a similar panel. A small improvement in performance was achieved.